Rowallan Badge
1946   Essendon Rotary Club commenced a Youth Service Project, aimed to establish a youth camp, where trees could be grown and appreciated by youth, to offset the rapid destruction of forests and consequent erosion.
Eleven Rotarians paid £50 each to purchase 183 acres of land in Catherine Valley, Gisborne for a youth forestry camp.
1947   Shire of Romsey constructed a road to the campsite.
1948   ‘Prisoner of War’ huts in Nathalia purchased, and erected on site.
1950   Boy Scouts and Girl Guides of Essendon area accepted the gift from Essendon Rotary Club of the site for indoor and outdoor recreation, and training of its members.
  December; Official Ceremony for handing over of camp, officially named Rowallan Rotary Camp after Lord Rowallan, Second Chief Scout of the British Commonwealth.
1955   March 13; General Secretary of the Scout Association, F.R.G. Sanders received the documents of ‘Transfer of Deeds’ from Rotarian Syd Mills.
1983   Tragic bushfires caused large destruction of Rowallan and surrounding bush land.
The Scout and Guide Camps at Rowallan sustained significant damage.
1984   April 1; After much work Rowallan Headquarters Camp was rebuilt and opened for use.
1999   The installation of specialised activities; low ropes course, basketball & volleyball courts, table tennis, soccer and 6 orienteering courses.
2000   In the 16 years following the 1983 bush fires, the camp has seen a continuous upgrading of all its facilities. There has also been an increase in the number of activities and services at the camp.
2003   ...
2006   January; Renovations of the HQ ablutions block completed.

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