Re-opening after Covid-19 take 2

As per Scouts Victoria communications 7 Dec 2020 & 23 Jan 2021.


Campsites can open and be used for the following:

  • Outdoor activities can now be in groups of up to 100, larger numbers if split into groups of 100
  • Accommodation can now be for groups of 30. This is includes Scout members sleeping in groups of 30 in tents, cabins or bunkhouses etc.
  • Face masks generally don’t need to be worn apart from when carpooling
  • Eating areas, training rooms and other communal areas can now accommodate 1 person per 2m2 as we have QR codes – see below (doesn’t apply to school or Scout groups)
  • Multiple school camp bookings can be onsite at the same time – they do not need to be limited to 100 people

All above users of campsites must:

  • Communal toilets, showers and cooking facilities may be shared if they are cleaned at least twice per day, unless the campsite is in a very remote area
  • Ensure that there is regular cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces in shared areas
  • Record name and phone number of all attendees and date/time of arrival and departure
  • Where food is served at a campsite, it needs to follow hospitality industry guidelines for the serving of food and drink.


  • While in use, campsite must be cleaned at least twice a day.  
  • Soiled surfaces and spills should be cleaned with water and detergent – this can be in the form of a detergent solution or wipes.
  • Frequently touched surfaces should be disinfected with either a disinfectant spray (e.g. bleach cleaner or  Glen 20, etc) or disinfectant wipes. 2-in-1 wipes (cleaner and disinfectant) can also be used if it states that it is effective against viruses.
  • Equipment used in activities should be cleaned between use and not shared during the activity.
  • Any kitchen utensils used should be thoroughly washed in a normal manner (either by hand or in a dishwasher).
  • Fabric material (tea towels, clothes, etc) that can’t be wiped with bleach should be washed as normal in a washing machine etc.

Room capacities – 1 person per 2sqm

Headquarters Camp

  • 1st Aid room – 4
  • Dining / Lounge – 47
  • Kitchen – 20
  • Rec Hall – 51

Forest Camp

  • Warnock Lodge – 33