Re-opening after Covid-19 lockdown

As per Scouts Victoria communications 21 Sep 2021.


Campsites in Regional Victoria can open. Obviously people from Metropolitan Melbourne cannot attend unless an authorised worker.

Regional Campsites can open and be used for the following:

  • Campsites are limited to groups of up to 20 in single person tents and private bookings of a single household until Victoria achieves 70% fully vaccinated.
  • When 70% fully vaccinated, (tracking @ ~November 5th), campsites can have groups of up to 100, but accommodation is still limited to single person tents and private bookings of a single household until Victoria achieves 80% fully vaccinated.
  • When 80% fully vaccinated, (tracking @ ~November 23rd), campsites can have larger events (probably up to 500), with sharing tents allowed and up to 10 sharing dorms and bunkhouse rooms. Private bookings also limited to 10 people from any number of households. Masks will only be required indoors.
  • Victoria enters the final phase when 80% (including 12yo+) fully vaccinated, (tracking @ ~December 7th). There’s little information at this stage, but it will be aligned to the National Plan for Phase D when published. We expect dorm/bunkhouse and private bookings will increase to 30 and major events can take place under COVIDSafe Public Events framework.

It is likely that there will be different restrictions on visitors who aren’t fully vaccinated, but we don’t know the details of how that will affect Scouting yet.

  • Other bona-fide community groups can follow Scout rules (no social functions)
  • Only members of the same household can share rooms, etc
  • QR Code check-in for day visitors and indoor communal areas who are not booked into accommodation
  • Private bookings limited to one household only.
  • Communal areas subject to 1 person per 4sqm and cleaning twice a day

All above users of campsites must:

  • Communal toilets, showers and cooking facilities may be shared if they are cleaned at least twice per day
  • Ensure that there is regular cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces in shared areas
  • Record name and phone number of all attendees and date/time of arrival and departure
  • Where food is served at a campsite, it needs to follow hospitality industry guidelines for the serving of food and drink.


  • While in use, campsite must be cleaned at least twice a day.  
  • Soiled surfaces and spills should be cleaned with water and detergent – this can be in the form of a detergent solution or wipes.
  • Frequently touched surfaces should be disinfected with either a disinfectant spray (e.g. bleach cleaner or  Glen 20, etc) or disinfectant wipes. 2-in-1 wipes (cleaner and disinfectant) can also be used if it states that it is effective against viruses.
  • Equipment used in activities should be cleaned between use and not shared during the activity.
  • Any kitchen utensils used should be thoroughly washed in a normal manner (either by hand or in a dishwasher).
  • Fabric material (tea towels, clothes, etc) that can’t be wiped with bleach should be washed as normal in a washing machine etc.

Room capacities – 1 person per 4sqm

Headquarters Camp

  • 1st Aid room – 2
  • Dining / Lounge – 24
  • Kitchen – 10
  • Rec Hall – 25

Forest Camp

  • Warnock Lodge – 16

Room capacities – 1 person per 2sqm

Headquarters Camp

  • 1st Aid room – 4
  • Dining / Lounge – 47
  • Kitchen – 20
  • Rec Hall – 51

Forest Camp

  • Warnock Lodge – 33