Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Campsite?

Rowallan is located at the North East end of the Macedon Ranges, about 1 hour North West of Melbourne or 30 minutes from Tullamarine Airport.
The site comprises 74 hectares (183 acres) of natural bushland adjacent to the Mt. Charlie State Forest.

What accommodation is available?

Indoor, dormitory style in Headquarters Camp.
Bushland for camping in Forest Camp.

What deposit is required?

Outdoor (Forest) accommodation does not require a deposit.

Indoor accommodation requires a deposit. Deposits for bookings that include a weekend is equal to the minimum weekend fee (15 persons x 2 days). Deposits for weekday only bookings is equal to one minimum day fee (15 persons).

Are the fees per day or per night?

The fees are “per day” and are a count of 24hr blocks or part thereof.
 You book our facilities for use during the day more than you book a nights accommodation.

Is there a minimum booking ?

Outdoor (Forest) bookings do not have a minimum.

Indoor accommodation has a minimum fee of 15 persons.
Weekends must book both Sat & Sun.

Is there a cost to use the activities?

Generally no. If you are camping on-site with us, then the activities (excluding Archery) are free to use. If you are not camping with us, then we will charge a fee to use our activities.

Archery has a cost to cover the consumables and ongoing replacement of bent arrows, etc.
More details on the Activities page.

How do I pay for my camp?

Cash or Bank Transfer. We do not have Card Facilities. Cash is paid to the Ranger, and a receipt will be provided. Final invoice is based on numbers actually attending. Most camps are invoiced shortly after the conclusion of the camp and emailed to you. Invoices are to be paid in 7 days using the Bank account details on the invoice.
We charge a deposit to confirm your booking. Forest Camp bookings have no deposit. We do not charge a bond.

Can I have a fire?

Yes. Fires must be lit ONLY in the provided fire drums (Forest Camp) or Campfire circle.
They must not be left alight and unattended.

There are fire drums on stands at 4 locations around camp, wood provided. Please return the fire drums and stands to these locations. There are also ash-pits there for you to dump your ash.

If the wind is too strong ( >10km/h ) then a fire is not a good idea. The Ranger’s decision on fires is final.

Does the fire danger rating affect my camp?

The Camp will be closed on Code Red Fire & Extreme rating days. These rating are usually known before the day and so plans can be made to leave early, delay your arrival, or cancel your event.

Does the fire danger period (FDP) affect my camp?

You ensure you have an evacuation plan in place for your group.
Outdoor fires can only be lit with the approval of the Ranger.

Do you have Camp blanket badges?

Yes. Please ask the Ranger.

Can I bring my pet to camp?


Can I bring my motorbike or quad-bike to camp?


Can I bring my chainsaw to camp?


Can I bring my firearm to camp?


Can I smoke in the buildings at camp?

Smoking is not permitted in buildings, and we would prefer you don’t smoke within the camp grounds. Cigarette butts don’t decompose, so please dispose of the butts appropriately.

How can I help?

There are many ways you can help. If you want to get involved in operations, then please contact the Chair (see Contact Us). Working bees are another way. Most odd months around the middle of the month we will have a working bee at Camp. Typically we meet at the Ranger’s office carpark around 9:30am and we work till about 3:30pm give or take. If there are enough volunteers then we’ll put on a lunch, else byo lunch.

Is bedding, blankets, pillows, etc. available?

The bunk beds are topped with a 100mm foam mattress.  Please provide your own pillow & sleeping bag or linen/blankets.

Are individual rooms available?

HQ Camp; There are a few rooms, mostly aimed at leaders with youth in the dorms.  All beds are single beds in bunk formation. Please refer to the HQ Camp Detail Map.

HQ camp, is camping an option?

Camping (erecting a tent) is an option, but as you are occupying the HQ Camp it does not change the fee.

Are your bathrooms individual/communal?

There is only one set of bathrooms. Separate Male/Female in an adjacent building.2

What are your rules around alcohol and late-night gatherings?

You may drink alcohol.  Only limit is noise as per EPA guidelines – generally limits amplified noise after 11pm.

Food, cost of catering, can we cook ourselves?

For Headquarters Camp; we only provide self catering.  You have exclusive use of HQ Camp. any dedicated catering staff you provide are included in the head count.

What’s included in the price, and what is not included?

For Headquarters Camp;  you have full access to the buildings, including Dining room, Kitchen, Toilets/showers, hall, Dormitories.
For Forest Camp; you have shared use of the shower/toilet block. If you book other facilities then you are welcome to use them within those times.
See Is there a cost to use the activities?