New Volunteer Ranger

We welcome our new Ranger, Steve Rigby.

Steve has been travelling Australia for a few years and is now looking for a new challenge. He has a vast breadth of knowledge that will be valuable to the camp in general.

When you are next at camp please say hi to Steve.

Internet Use @ Rowallan

The camp now has Fixed Wireless NBN and upgraded infrastructure, so we are able to offer free WiFi to HQ Camp occupants.

Many phones will get 4G anyway.

There is a QR code on the dining room notice board for gaining access.

Volunteer Ranger departed

Our rangers, Michael and Sue have decided to move on.

We take this opportunity to thank them for their efforts in running and improving the camp over the last 6 months. There are many and the camp is looking really great.

Reed Bed for Waste Water Run Off

Rowallan has completed a reed bed to disperse the water after the septic process. The water is Class-C and does not smell. There are lots of plants along the bed and up the sides, which will grow and slow the water flow as it travels along the bed.

Polar Blast

Staying in Rowallan HQ this weekend was the Moonee Valley District Cub Leadership camp. They were treated this year to a light fall of snow, enough to coat cars and bushes!

Hoadley Hide 2018

This year Hoadley Hide is proudly hosted in and around Rowallan Scout Camp and Mt. Charlie Flora Reserve (Parks Vic)

What is Hoadley Hide?

We trust that the Venturers will enjoy “Breached” and all the support staff will enjoy running the event.

…. and into the breach they go.

New Archery Range

An new Archery Range has been completed for use by Campers.
We have 18lb and 26lb Recurve Bows and 28″ aluminium arrows.

Please see the Ranger regards the use of the Range.

Dormitory Heating

We are proud to announce that we have installed Hydronic Heating to our Dormitories and Toilet block for your comfort.
Overnight heating to 15 degC will reduce the chill factor on our cold Winter nights.

Internet Use @ HQ Camp

We have been offering free wifi Internet access to our campers for the last 18 months.
However to due to the sustained abuse / over use by campers we have been forced to discontinue this service.
If any group camping with us would like Internet access whilst at camp, then this can be made available if arranged via the Booking office in advance of your camp. WiFi coverage is limited to the dinning room and is Wireless-G.
The fee for such access is $15 per GB downloaded, or part thereof.
If you think this is unreasonable, please lobby Telstra and the local MP for NBN access in Mt. Charlie Rd/Kent Rd.
Our only possible Internet access is via Telstra 3G at this time.

Thank you for your understanding.