Camp Ranger position

Applications are invited for the position of Volunteer Part Time, Resident Camp Ranger at Rowallan Scout & Guide Camps Riddells Creek, Victoria.

Due to the ongoing on-site presence required to deliver the responsibilities and duties in the role, occupancy within the on-site 3 bedroom residence is made available to the volunteers undertaking the role in line with the Occupancy Agreement.

A background in Scouting or Guiding is not essential. 

The position involves, but is not limited to:  Prepare and facilitate all uses of the Camps; to greet and orientate arrivals, support campers during use and complete / facilitate essential maintenance of facilities and equipment.

Available to work varied hours/days as business dictates; most weekends and some weekdays required.

For further information about Rowallan Scout Camp: and Rowallan Guide Camp:

A job description will be forwarded on request to:  

Applications close 14th May.

Re-opening after Covid-19 take 2

As per Scouts Victoria communications 7 Dec 2020 & 23 Jan 2021.


Campsites can open and be used for the following:

  • Outdoor activities can now be in groups of up to 100, larger numbers if split into groups of 100
  • Accommodation can now be for groups of 30. This is includes Scout members sleeping in groups of 30 in tents, cabins or bunkhouses etc.
  • Face masks generally don’t need to be worn apart from when carpooling
  • Eating areas, training rooms and other communal areas can now accommodate 1 person per 2m2 as we have QR codes – see below (doesn’t apply to school or Scout groups)
  • Multiple school camp bookings can be onsite at the same time – they do not need to be limited to 100 people

All above users of campsites must:

  • Communal toilets, showers and cooking facilities may be shared if they are cleaned at least twice per day, unless the campsite is in a very remote area
  • Ensure that there is regular cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces in shared areas
  • Record name and phone number of all attendees and date/time of arrival and departure
  • Where food is served at a campsite, it needs to follow hospitality industry guidelines for the serving of food and drink.


  • While in use, campsite must be cleaned at least twice a day.  
  • Soiled surfaces and spills should be cleaned with water and detergent – this can be in the form of a detergent solution or wipes.
  • Frequently touched surfaces should be disinfected with either a disinfectant spray (e.g. bleach cleaner or  Glen 20, etc) or disinfectant wipes. 2-in-1 wipes (cleaner and disinfectant) can also be used if it states that it is effective against viruses.
  • Equipment used in activities should be cleaned between use and not shared during the activity.
  • Any kitchen utensils used should be thoroughly washed in a normal manner (either by hand or in a dishwasher).
  • Fabric material (tea towels, clothes, etc) that can’t be wiped with bleach should be washed as normal in a washing machine etc.

Room capacities – 1 person per 2sqm

Headquarters Camp

  • 1st Aid room – 4
  • Dining / Lounge – 47
  • Kitchen – 20
  • Rec Hall – 51

Forest Camp

  • Warnock Lodge – 33


Scouts Victoria have advised all campsites are closed until further notice.

Rowallan Scout Camp is therefore closed.

Thank you for you patronage and support; we look forward to reopening as soon as possible

Reed Bed for Waste Water Run Off

Rowallan has completed a reed bed to disperse the water after the septic process. The water is Class-C and does not smell. There are lots of plants along the bed and up the sides, which will grow and slow the water flow as it travels along the bed.

Polar Blast

Staying in Rowallan HQ this weekend was the Moonee Valley District Cub Leadership camp. They were treated this year to a light fall of snow, enough to coat cars and bushes!

Hoadley Hide 2018

This year Hoadley Hide is proudly hosted in and around Rowallan Scout Camp and Mt. Charlie Flora Reserve (Parks Vic)

What is Hoadley Hide?

We trust that the Venturers will enjoy “Breached” and all the support staff will enjoy running the event.

…. and into the breach they go.

New Archery Range

An new Archery Range has been completed for use by Campers.
We have 18lb and 26lb Recurve Bows and 28″ aluminium arrows.

Please see the Ranger regards the use of the Range.

Dormitory Heating

We are proud to announce that we have installed Hydronic Heating to our Dormitories and Toilet block for your comfort.
Overnight heating to 15 degC will reduce the chill factor on our cold Winter nights.

Internet Use @ HQ Camp

We have been offering free wifi Internet access to our campers for the last 18 months.
However to due to the sustained abuse / over use by campers we have been forced to discontinue this service.
If any group camping with us would like Internet access whilst at camp, then this can be made available if arranged via the Booking office in advance of your camp. WiFi coverage is limited to the dinning room and is Wireless-G.
The fee for such access is $15 per GB downloaded, or part thereof.
If you think this is unreasonable, please lobby Telstra and the local MP for NBN access in Mt. Charlie Rd/Kent Rd.
Our only possible Internet access is via Telstra 3G at this time.

Thank you for your understanding.