We gratefully acknowledge the generous donations provided by the following organisations and the projects funded.

Australian Federal Government

2009 70kL Rainwater tank, pumps, guttering and related plumbing

Community Bank Strathmore | Bendigo Bank

2011 Water filtration system
2012 Internet connection to Ranger’s cottage
2012 Solar PV, battery and LED lighting to forest toilet block
2017 Water tank replacement [8KL Head tank, Main Central]
2022 Forest Cabin
2023 Water tank replacement / upgrade [100KL Head tank]

Essendon District Seeonee

1983 Bushfire rebuild

Hillview Quarries

1983 Bushfire rebuild

H V McKay Charitable Trust

1983 Bushfire rebuild
2020 Warnock Lodge rebuild

Jack Brockhoff Trust

1983 Bushfire rebuild

J B Keam Bequest

2017 Kitchen upgrade [HQ]
2017 Low ropes course [Forest]
2020 Warnock Lodge rebuild

Mayoress of Essendon Committee

1983 Bushfire rebuild

Melbourne Water

2013 Hakea infestation removal

Rotary Club of Essendon

1983 Bushfire rebuild
2000 Initial industry accreditation
2001 Amphitheatre & Campfire circle
2001 Upright freezer
2001 Signage
2003 Water tank replacement [8KL Head tank, Main East]
2003 Kitchen HWS replacement
2009 2kW solar PV grid-tie system
2016 Water tank replacement [4.5KL Head tank, Forest North]